Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is The kundalini
2. What is the kundalini activation atunement?
3. Why would would you want to experience Kundalini activation atunements
4. History
5. What to expect
6. What happens and how much does this cost 


1. What is the Kundalini?

The kundalini is a Sanskrit word meaning “ the coil in the hair of the beloved”


Is a powerful stream of creative energy flowing up your spine through a small tube called the sushumna.


The kundalini lies dormant for many years and is symbolised as a coil at the base of the spine. The kundalini activation uncoils this energy – cleansing the chakras at the same time increasing flow and creating a vibrant and powerful flow.

The energy ascends through the chakras to the crown where is connects to the universal source of love and light. This brings with it a state of enlightenment and oneness, a balance of the masculine and feminine energies in the body and we increasingly manifest our true self or our highest self, enabling us to demonstrate and live our highest desires on the physical plane.

The masculine and feminine energies are balanced as the channel becomes clear. And triggers the opening and full activation of the chakras.

2. What is a Kundalini ativation?

Activating the Kundalini is where a practitioner will send a powerful flow of energy through either distant or in person attunement to create a clear flow through your kundalini channel clearing out energetic debris which may be there as a result of past experiences especially of a sexual or home based nature in early life. 

3. Why would you want to Experience kundalini activation?

Would you like to be more creative, experience improved sexual pleasure, have and flow more heart and have more energy and flow overall?

Would you like to reconnect and empower a seemingly endless source of energy?

Would you like to be more open, creative and energised?

Over our lifetime the Kundalini naturally rises, and through each age one of our energy bodies associated with the chakras will come up for maturation.

18 – 22 our emotional body associated with the base and sacral chakras will come up for maturation. Now should everything be flowing perfectly in our lives at this time then the maturation takes place fully – often there are elements though that remain unresolved hence the flow of energy through the kundalini channel is not as clear as it could be in order for us to be the true power we are.


28- 32 is our mental body which comes up for maturation. Associated with our solar plexus and throat chakras. Again if the maturation is not successfully complete the flow is reduced. 

38 – 42 the spiritual body comes up for maturation, associated with the 3rd eye and the crown Chakra.

As the Kundalini rises through the energy system where it comes across blockages or impeded flow, its possible for the unconscious mind (the part of you that runs your body) to manifest this into physical form. I.e. to create disease in this area or people may find that an area of their life isn’t working, as it should. From the basis of perception is projection we are projecting this low flow onto our lives and so some areas may be slower or not as satisfying as we would like.


The History of Kundalini Reiki begins with the birth or Usui Reiki, and is closely associate with the master, Kuthumi also known as Chohan Ascended master of the Second ray.

This master energy is associated with the sacral/ naval chakras – closely identified with creativity generosity and creative expression.

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5. What can you expect after the activation?

The process of activation is 4 distant attunements spaced one week apart to ensure a comfortable and relaxed transition.

Why are the activation attunements spaced like this?

Over the course of the four weeks you experience significant shift in our energetic capablities – estimated at a 5 – 10 fold increase on the amount of energy you can flow through your body.

When we consider our body – our neurology as a  container – if we were to pour too much in at once the container may overflow. The gentle spacing of the activation attunements means that the container has time to gently stretch. And comfortably accept this new flow.

This amount of change

You may experience….

Increased creativity

Increased concentration

Increased self esteem

Deeper connection

Increased flow of life force energy

Balance of natural appetites – Sex and food

Increased Psychic sensitivity

Better sleep

Strong sense of inner peace.


What can you expect as The Activation takes place?

The Attuenement itself can take many forms – each is different for everyone.

You may feel heat

 • Heat

 • Cold

 •  See colours or shapes

 • Feelings of being out of the body,

 •  Hearing buzzing or tones,

 • Sensations of energy moving around your body,

 • Bright lights

 • Energy surges 

 • Feelings of unbound energy.


The key is to let the attunement do its own work and just accept it rather than thinking or trying to get what is occurring just relax and allow it to happen.

Many people experience this as an exciting and enlivening sensation and have very different experiences of each attunement as they each work on different areas of the energy line.

After your attunement you may experience healing “ crisis” such as cold symptoms, thirst sweating, drams more vivid than usual and these area all totally natural.  This is natures way of releasing the cells and debris which no longer serves you and aligning your neurology with your new energetic architecture.


Remember to ground yourself fully following each attunement and if you have experienced any form of reiki before you will experience this differently as it’s a different form. Rather than traditional balanced techniques these are more energising and enlivening.

6. This sounds perfect for me. How much does this cost and how can I book ?

The Series of four activation attunements and

1.    Four Activation Distance Attunements

2.    Optional One hour weekly calls with Victoria Whitney to coach you through your experience and learning’s include*

Total cost - £185

Can I add extra 1:1 Emotional clearing session aswell.

Yes, Ask Victoria.

email : subject heading " KUNDALNI ACTIVATION "

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