Clearing is a different approach to many therapies such as  counselling and psychotherapy.

It offers insight, understanding, empowerment and is a subtle yet overwhelming feeling. overcoming and releasing problems which are not comfortable and which hold you in a space of " less than " what you want, and who you are. Victoria positively empowers you to create the life you want by literally clearing the path and then enriching your future.

"I believe every therapy has a value and support each and every one. I chose to work with release approaches because they produce long lasting results and having witnessed so many before and after experiences with clients of the past, when they  choose to change their way of thinking their life changes for the better. Clearing work such as NLP, Time Line Therapy TM and Hypnotherapy all assist people in making peace with the past. So that old ways of being old problems, no longer impact upon their daily life. Proving a richer more empowering experience of life moment by moment. "

release approaches are suitable for all problems, results can be achieved in shorter sessions ( 2 -3 hours) or through The Personal Empowerment Intensive approach which is more intensive and life enriching though results are very much dependent on the client, the problem and commitment.   

Why would clearing be for you?
Just like our mobile phones regularly update their software, you can too.

Do you Feel stuck trapped blocked,  Feel like there is something missing inside and you don't know what it is, Lack of focus, lack of fulfilment, , feel torn in many different directions, Crave something more and you don't know where  to start. Have an emotional burden that you have carried through life. Have tried many therapies but nothing has worked.
Oftentimes its not a specific thing that someone can identify or label. Just knowing that something needs to change.

clearing sessions are effective with conditions detailed below .....
Failed career
Money conflicts
Experience of abuse

Specialised approaches  enable you to recover your self and release old patterns of behaviour , beliefs increasing the flow of what is right for you into your life.
Clearing the debris of old thought beliefs and old paradigms in your life and  bring you fully back into alignment with the way you would like to experience life.  Victoria sensitively re establishes the connection with self and empowerment. By releasing patterns, beliefs and emotions  that have now served their purpose. Its not prescriptive, the approach has evolved over many years to be formulated to work in the fastest most effective way possible, Also sensitively and accurately and offers beyond the session the opportunity to unfold, into a new way of life. Where the problem is no longer the centre of your experience, Evolve beyond it. And is so type specific to the individual ( You ) that only within your 1:1 consultation will you know its the approach for you. 

Approaches involve Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy (TM), intuitive approaches that are unique to Victoria and offer profound lasting positive change. Release sessions are designed to be comfortable, fast and effective. Making problems that appear very complex very simple to clear.

* May require more intensive sessions PEI Subject to individual circumstances