why become a practitioner of Time Line Therapy 

 Are you an existing Practitioner of NLP and would like to enhance your skill set
Do you wan to offer interventions that offer lasting results and real life changing emotional clearing
Would you like to work more powerful interventions and enhance the results your clients achieve
Would you like to experience Time Line Therapy   and  Transform your own life and at the same time achieve a qualification.

What is covered on the training

  • Introduction to Time Line Therapy® Techniques
  • Upholding the Copyrights and Trademark Notices
  • The origins of Time Line and Time Line Therapy ™ techniques
  • Founding principles of change with time line therapy
  • The  Key, fundamental Time Line Therapy ® Techniques
  •  Elicitation of the time Line 
  • Why the root cause is so important and how to elicit it
  • Ways to release negative emotional
  • Limiting decisions what they are, the differences between decisions and emotions and how to elicit them
  • Changing the time line, how to and key requisites prior to changing it
  • Setting goals and putting them into the future
  • Negative emotions - what they are. Karmic principles.
  • Review parts integrations
  • The anxiety Model How to have anxiety disappear
  • Phobia model How to release phobias very quickly
  • Ecology and how to structure interventions for success


By attending the training you will  gain valuable experience working the interventions and experience the processes as a client. You will receive certification of completions and have the ability to register with the Time Line Therapy TM association and have your practice recognised globally.

You will be able to enable client to release life changing problems, limiting decisions and beliefs, negative emotions and overcome lifelong blocks and challenges quickly and easily. Life changing approaches for world class results.




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